The brand caribag.com was established by a dynamic team of professionals and have set our vision in simplifying to get your daily needs delivered at the doorstep and giving a personal shopping experience. We source directly from our network of direct suppliers as we aim to be as competitive as we can be on price and the products are of the highest levels of quality that satisfy customers' demand. 

Our efficient distribution and logistics system makes the delivery to reach more customers in a shorter period with simple and stress-free delivery options. Not only that, but caribag.com also has the widest assortment of choices made available so " you Choose we Deliver". Our focus is on what we can do for our customers. We have a team that is dedicated to a seamless customer care solution, so we customize our services, technology, and processes to meet unique needs and take care of satisfaction on price, quality, choice, and convenience.

Please Feel Free to contact us at 044-24860346 and also,

Write to us at support@caribag.com